Meet The Team was founded by 2 marketers. And is being backed by 25+ online marketing experts.


Bianca Elzinga

Trainer, Online Marketer, Sales funnel expert.


Wesley Zantinge

E-Commerce, Online Marketingmanager @100+ Webshops

The team

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'Bianca is soooo good on a strategic level. If it comes to online marketing, I know exactly what I want, which doesn't make it easy for experts that I hire. Bianca understands exactly what I mean and what I want and how I want it and gives excelent strategic advise. She is a real wizard as a customer experience marketer and helps you to see everything crystal clear. Hats off to Bianca'

Angélique Piternella

Strategic advisor virtual leaderschip,

“Every month the campagnes are being optimized, still. Revenues keep increasing during our co-operation. Our ROI is above 600%!

Christian van der Ree


'I asked Bianca to teach a group of my clients about funnels. People are saying a lot about funnels, but how do you set it up? How do you make it profitable? What are the benefits? My clients and I were curious. Bianca is a real online marketing expert. She explained everything crystal clear. She put us to work and asked us exactly the right questions about our businesses to get started with our funnels. She is adept, calm, involved and, most important: fun! Creating a funnel is hard work, but we now know how to do it, where to start and what results to expect.'

Marieke Anthonisse

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